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Discover the beneficial qualities of essential oils.  Chemical free, plant based ingredients that we use in the natural products we offer at Renewing Essence. We take skin care further to give your skin the radiant glow and the silky smooth feel you've always wanted it to have. While most products that feature natural ingredients tend to be pricey, we offer you a more cost-efficient alternative. Achieve that radiant healthy glow now!

Our summer biggest seller Bug Off

Keep all types of bugs, insects off you.  Dab a little on different parts of body, will protect you for hours.  Can use on children and babies.  Don't forget put a little in your hair to keep horse flies away from your face.  Also great to use on dogs too.   If you have any left over at the end of season, just put into freezer till next year.  Our bug off has shea butter and 100% guarenteed to work or money back.

Be an informed consumer!  Read your labels

Refreshing  the Body, Mind and Spirit using God given natural flora ingredients.  Refreshing the Body using skin nourishing, quality oils, full of vitamins, minerals, rich essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants.  Essential Oils renew the Mind with AROMATIC  fragrances can enhance your sense of well-being; thereby refreshing your Spirit. Handcrafted from original recipes in Turtle Lake, W

100% NATURAL PLANT-BASED PRODUCTS:   Natural therapeutic Essential Oils;  the finest natural, beneficial and exotic ingredients. Our Soaps, Body Butter,  Salves, Deodorant, and my "Natural Beauty" Skin care line all adhere to these strict standards.

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At Renewing Essence in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, all our skin care products are made from natural ingredients. With more than 20 years of experience with the retail of skin care products, we understand how all-natural products tend to be too expensive. Homemade and conscientiously manufactured, we pour in a lot more work into keeping our product's prices low and affordable.

We make people aware that 80% of what the body absorbs goes through the skin within 30 seconds. Therefore, to achieve and maintain healthy skin, focus also needs to go beyond what people ingest and digest. This is how our natural ingredient-fortified products provide the best alternative. Our natural exotic oils and butter restore skin health to its soft, smooth, and natural glow. Aromatic Essencial Oils can help balance your sense of spiritual well being.  Contact us for more information about our all-natural products.

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